Why We Use Powdered Tide® (It’s Not Just For Laundry).

It’s a question we get a lot: Why powdered Tide®? 

If you’ve followed us for a hot minute then you know we are all about using powdered Tide® in our cleaning recipes. If you need a quick and easy solution that can be used on multiple surfaces, powdered Tide® is your BFF. It is a must in our cleaning caddies

So why powdered Tide®? Let’s break it down.

There are a few key ingredients in powdered Tide® that make it stand out over other products. For more on these ingredients, see here and here.


As the name implies, surfactants work on the surface. They help to break up stains (especially those greasy ones and food residue) and disperse dirt for easier removal. 


Enzymes are naturally occuring proteins that break down stains into smaller pieces to make them easier to remove. Each enzyme works to break down and remove a specific type of stain, from protein to starch and grease. 

What about using Liquid Tide®?

You also may ask, why not liquid Tide®? Short answer: it’s great for laundry but not for cleaning. We find that liquid Tide® leaves a slippery residue that is hard to wipe away. The formula is different and it really is the ingredients in powdered Tide® that make it a power cleaner for dirt and stains. 

What can be cleaned with powdered Tide® in your home?

Nearly everything in your home* can be cleaned with our cleaning recipe. But here are a few areas where water and powdered Tide® work best for fighting stains and odors.

This is not an exhaustive list. For detailed room cleaning and products to use, jump over to our shop and buy our House Work Cleaning Guide.

So grab a pail with a cloth or a mop bucket and mix our tried, tested and true cleaning recipe and get to work!

*Disclaimer: We can’t make blanket statements about every surface. Not all surfaces are created equal and what is safe for one may not be safe for another. You are working with chemicals and it is always best to err on the side of caution before using a new method. Test a small spot before you start scrubbing.

Tip: Bleach is in our cleaning recipe but only add it if you are cleaning an area that requires disinfecting.  Be cautious using bleach around carpet and upholstery. Do not use bleach with other products. As our saying goes: 

For more cleaning hacks check out our blog.

– Denise @GoCleanCo

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