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Just as any task requires dedicated work to be successful, so does transforming a house into a comfortable and inviting space. From cleaning and organizing to furniture and decor, we recognize that the work you put into your home extends beyond the physical chores — it’s about creating a space that’s uniquely yours.

Sarah McAllister

Sarah McAllister

CEO and founder of GoCleanCo and House Work, Sarah has built female-led, forward-thinking businesses since she was 13 years old. With each of her businesses, Sarah’s goal is always to educate people so they feel empowered at home and in life. After decades of working in the home industry, Sarah has a plan for every scenario. She shares her expertise with her millions of followers every day. Sarah is also a published author. She’s created guides so readers can follow step-by-step plans to ensure a calm, clean home. Sarah is regularly sought out as an expert in the home industry with features on Good Morning America, and in Martha Stewart, and Real Simple Magazine. Sarah’s brands are trusted and globally recognized for their no nonsense approach to education and efficiently caring for a home. Sarah has a passion for teaching people to do things right, the first time.

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