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We know we’re a cleaning company buuuut we love ALL things home, including organization. Having a clean, organized bedroom closet is not only appealing to the eye, but will make your mornings much easier when figuring out what to wear. It’s time to purge and organize folks! 

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If your budget allows, custom built-in closet organizers can be a game-changer for creating a system for your closet. BUT, we are all about working with what you got. So, whether it’s a small, cramped closet or a spacious spare bedroom that acts as a massive walk-in closet,  let’s dive into making the best out of the closet that you are working with today! 


Before you begin any organizing, let’s purge! 

It’s easy to hold onto things we don’t wear, but it does nothing but take up space. A closet packed to the brim can feel stressful – and that’s a huge mistake. (We don’t want any space in your home to overwhelm you!) 

Go through and pull out the pieces you don’t wear anymore. Separate them into a donation pile and a selling pile. (By the way, try to do this at the end of every season to keep your closet full of fresh pieces you love to wear). 

A great way to make those tough decisions is to hang all items up backwards on hangers. Once you wear and wash something, hang it back up the proper way. At the end of the year (or season) look at everything still hung the wrong way, these are pieces you haven’t worn! It’s time to let them go. 


Firstly, cleaning your closet is a must. Clothes being stored tend to bring a lot of lint and dust to your baseboards, floors, and shelves. Vacuuming (Canada) (USA) frequently will help keep away dust bunnies. Use our Tide® and water mixture (1 gallon hot water and 1 tsp powdered Tide®) to wipe down walls, baseboards, and shelves.

Hang ‘em up!


When it comes to closet organization, velvet hangers (Canada) (USA) are a personal favorite of ours. Velvet prevents clothes from slipping off and falling on the floor, which will not only help keep you sane, but matching velvet hangers look stunning all together. There are also some specialty hangers great for hanging scarves (Canada) (USA), ties (Canada) (USA) and belts! (Canada) (USA)

Code it

Having some sort of order in your closet is essential to staying organized. We’ve all seen those gorgeous rainbow Instagram-worthy closets. You can do it too!

  • Style coded. Style coding your clothes is another great way to store them. This means arranging your closet by type of item. (i.e. T-shirts, tank tops, long sleeves, sweaters, etc.) If you want to go the extra mile, you group by style within each coloured section, or vice versa!
  • Color coded. Color coding your closet is a simple way to elevate the look of your closet and make finding pieces simple. 


Shoe racks (Canada) (USA) are a must! Having your shoes off the ground and up where you can see them is ideal. Especially when you seem to find shoes scattered at every entrance in your home. Don’t forget to clean your shoe racks regularly because we can tell you from experience, they get filthy!


Find some storage space, perhaps bins under the bed (Canada) (USA) or on top of your closet (Canada) (USA). A great way to keep your closet full of fresh pieces is to cycle them in and out each season. Once winter/fall comes, go through your closet and remove and store all of your spring/summer clothes and vice versa.


Folding your clothes in a way that is effective is important. Ditch the idea of folding things on top of each other and opt for folding things in front of each other. Fold your shirts as you normally would, then fold into thirds and place them in your drawer one in front of the other. This will save space and make it easier to see each item. This will work for shirts, pants, shorts, you name it! 
Drawer dividers (Canada) (USA) or bins can help bring order, too – especially for the small stuff!


Keep it simple for your kids! Sort their things by size and season. Keep things that are still a little too big away from their current clothes. Let the stuff that’s too small go or put it in a bin (Canada) (USA) to store until your younger kiddos fit them. 

There are so many families in need of kids’ clothes. If you have stuff to donate, find a local charity or organization to drop them off at. Just make sure they’re clean and in good shape. (We also know some items have sentiment behind them, so we understand if you want to keep a few things.)

Having a clean, organized closet looks and feels good. It will help you elevate your style by knowing what you have and where it is. DM us those before and after pics. We want to see them!  

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– Georgia @gocleanco

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