Declutter Your Home Before Christmas

Christmas often means clutter. Gifts and decorations can make your home feel FULL. The Holiday season is the perfect time to purge to make room for new things! 

When considering whether to keep something or not, think of the last time you wore/used that item or if you see yourself using it in the next 6 months. In this case of Christmas, think of the new things you’ll be receiving that will replace your old things. Go room by room and make some decisions!


Closets are where we hide our shame, aka our junk. It’s easy to shut the door and ignore. Go through your clothes, shoes, and whatever other things you have hidden in there. Are you ever going to wear those jeans again? Time to purge and donate.  An organized closet feels so good and makes life easier when deciding on what to wear. If you are hosting visitors over the Holidays, make sure there is room in the closets for their coats and/or clothes. 


Make room in the fridge for the turkey to thaw, and all the leftovers you will have after your big meal. Your pantry will need space for an influx of items as well. 

It’s also the end of the year, time to check expiry dates. Go through it all and throw out anything expired. Don’t forget condiments! The best way to tackle this job is to clean and organize one row at a time and check expiry dates as you go.


Stacks of old paperwork can feel overwhelming—time to tackle that mountain. Create stacks, items that can go straight to recycling, items that should be shredded and what needs to be filed. If you have  important paperwork you can’t let go of, consider transferring it onto your computer. While you’re at it, cleaning up your computer’s desktop feels good too. 


Toys, toys, toys. If you have young kiddos, you know Christmas means new toys. This is a great time to sit down with your kid and decide which toys can go. Remind them that new toys are on the way, which can make them more willing to let go of some. It’s a hard time of year for some, and there are lots of families in need, so this is your reminder to donate your toys BEFORE Christmas.


Are you guilty of having nearly empty products under your sink that have been sitting for a while? Time to go through it all and rinse and recycle your old bottles. Have a look through your makeup drawer and toss anything expired or that lipstick you thought was a good idea at the store, but you know you’ll never wear. Organize the hair elastics and pins, and find all the brushes and tweezers throughout the house.


Bedrooms should be a place of refuge, not added stress. Clear the chair in the corner that’s piled with clothes and giving you nightmares. Go through your stack of books and return the library books that are overdue. Clean off the top of your dresser and nightstands that have slowly gathered clutter. Think about bed sheets and blankets in the linen closet. If you have any old ones that just aren’t comfy or cozy anymore, let them go.

In a world of consumerism, sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we really don’t need so much stuff. Going into the new year, decluttering will take a load off your mental plate and make caring for your home much easier. Happy organizing and Happy Holidays! 

– Georgia @GoCleanCo

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