Build a Cleaning Caddy Like The Pros

It’s impossible to effectively clean your house if you don’t have the right supplies. Unfortunately, most people are lacking in this department. So they either don’t clean as often as they should, they end up wasting their time, or they even put their health and safety at risk. 

In this article, we’ll show you everything we recommend keeping on hand to clean your house the House Work way!

What’s In Our Cleaning Caddys?

Some have called our cleaning caddys “magical.” But, truth be told, there’s nothing super special about the supplies we have. We just know when, where and how to use them. 

But guess what? You can, too. (And you’re in the right place.)

Before we give you a rundown of our favorite products, we encourage you to make sure you read your labels. Also, always test a small spot first.

Remember that there is no “blanket statement” for cleaning every surface. Know your surfaces and your products, and you will be able to confidently tackle any mess that comes your way! 

Do you need every single one of these products? No. Don’t go overboard and spend a million dollars on Amazon. Take inventory of what you have and use that up first.

We appreciate you shopping our affiliate links. We get a small kickback when you shop them (at no additional cost to you) but again: USE WHAT YOU HAVE FIRST! 

Lots of these items can be found at your local Walmart, Costco, Target or Canadian Tire. It is awesome when you shop our links but we ultimately just want you to clean your damn house! The entire list of our products can be found here (Canada) (USA).


Machine Power:

  • Your choice of spin mop
  • A GOOD vacuum. All of your favs can be found here (Canada) and here (USA)
  • Horse Hair brush (Canada) and (USA)
  • Swiffer® Dusters (a long handle swiffer is the most bang for your buck!) (Canada) and (USA)
  • Swiffer® duster refills (Canada) (USA)

Cleaning Tools:

Safety Tools:

  • Safety Glasses (Canada) and (USA)
  • Rubber gloves (Canada) and (USA)
  • Mask (opening your windows and running your fan is great but if you are a hardcore cleaner, wear a mask to protect yourself) (Canada) and (USA)
  • Gloves in a Bottle® (protect your hands) (Canada) and (USA)

Multipurpose Cleaner:  

Specialty Cleaner:

  • Easy Off® Heavy Duty (Yellow Can: this is for NON-Self cleaning ovens, a gas range or glass cooktop with badly burnt on stains) (Canada) (USA)
  • Easy Off® Fume Free (Blue Can, for self-cleaning ovens) (Canada) and (USA)
  • Weimans® Stainless Steel Cleaner (Canada) and (USA)
  • Scrubbing Bubbles® (Canada) and (USA)
  • Microban24® Bathroom (Canada) (USA)
  • Microban24® Disinfectant Spray (for high touch surfaces) (Canada) (USA)
  • Lime OUT® (Canada) and (USA)
  • Tide® Washing Machine Cleaner (Canada) and (USA)



Clean Your House the House Work Way!

For specific tips and methods for cleaning every room in your house, be sure to check out our House Work Cleaning Guide!

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