Bedroom Deep Clean

Your bedroom is your retreat from the world. It’s the most private part of your home – a space for safety, security, rest, intimacy, and rejuvenation. Chaos is the last thing you want in this space. But unfortunately, it’s often the defining characteristic for most people. 

Bedrooms can get messy in a hurry. Dirty clothes, laundry, shoes, books, towels, and clutter often make their way into the bedroom unannounced. And before you know it, your quiet retreat has morphed into a chaotic explosion.

Deep cleaning your bedroom can seem like a daunting task, but waking up to a clean and uncluttered space will help set your tone for the day. If there’s one room that needs to stay clean for the sake of your sanity, it’s the bedroom. In this article, we’ll show you how to take control. 

We’ll work section by section; going around the room, top to bottom, left to right. Choose a starting point and you will eventually end up back there. This will make you confident that you’re not doing anything twice and that you’re not missing anything. 

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Tidy Up:

You can’t clean the floor if you can’t see it. Time to sort the clothes heaps. Clean? Hang it up. Dirty? Get it in the wash. Just like how we clean top to bottom and left to right, that is how we are going to tidy until all the laundry, cups, books and magazines are in their rightful place. Then you can get down to the nitty gritty of cleaning.


The most efficient way to clean a room is to vacuum (Canada) (USA) using your horsehair brush (Canada) (USA) attachment in the same “top to bottom, left to right” fashion. Move any furniture that you safely can and vacuum around, under, and behind them. Baseboards and blinds are especially prone to accumulating  dust and dirt. They’re also easy to overlook (so be especially mindful of them when vacuuming).. Don’t forget your vents and registers! (You might be surprised by what you’ve been breathing in.) We save the floors for the very last task, which you will read about towards the end of this article. 

Make your Bed!! 

Vacuum the mattress to ensure any crumbs and dust are gone before putting down your new sheets. There is nothing like climbing into a freshly made bed, so now is the time to grab your clean, laundered bedding and make your bed! (Refer to this article for step-by-step instructions on how to make your bed the House Work way.)

Hard Surfaces:

Now, we can move on to some more extensive tasks, like cleaning all of your surfaces. And when we say all surfaces, we mean ALL SURFACES! Don’t forget the door frame, light switches, outlets, remote controls, etc. These incredibly high-touch surfaces are often missed because they are not noticeably dirty until you clean them. But rest assured that if it’s been more than a couple of weeks since they were last cleaned, they’re filthy!

Pro tip: Use your horsehair brush attachment to vacuum up dust before wiping. 

Fill a bucket with the infamous teaspoon of powdered Tide® and about a gallon of hot water. Toss in a couple of cloths.,(Ideally, you want ones that have texture – such as microfibre). Wring out your cloth well and wipe away any dirt left after the vacuum. Pick up items such as lamps and alarm clocks as you go to make things easier. Wipe under, around and on top of everything. Usually, stains and stuck-on dirt or food can be removed with a bit of elbow grease, but if not, yellow Mr. Clean or Magic Erasers will be a great tool. 

Note:  We usually add bleach into the mix to disinfect, but we do not recommend it in the bedroom! If you choose to use it, be extremely cautious… Watch out for drips on carpet and fabric. 


Let’s talk windows. After vacuuming them, wipe the sills using your batch of hot water and Tide®, and a microfiber cloth. As for tracks, Mr. Clean® and paper towel will be your best friend! Spray Mr. Clean® directly onto the tracks and use a soft bristle scrub brush to scrub away the dirt. Then soak up with paper towels. If there are still stubborn marks left, rinse well and use a bit of Bar Keepers Friend® on a dry cloth to buff them out. Finally, use Windex® and a cloth or paper towel to wipe the glass. 

Pro Tip: A Carbon Fiber cloth (Canada) (USA) can get rid of those pesky streaks!

Finishing Up: 

Finally, we can vacuum (Canada) (USA) the floors, and mop if they are hardwood. For carpet, you will want to specifically use a carpet vacuum, as regular floor vacuums won’t cut it. We use a technique called “vacuuming out” where you start at the furthest corner of the room from the entry and work your way backwards out of the room. This way you don’t step on all of your hard work and hello carpet lines! For hard floors: after vacuuming, you can use the same Tide® recipe and your spin mop to wash the floor. Use the same method and start in the furthest corner of the room and mop your way out the door. This method allows your floor to dry with NO footprints.
We always do a final vacuum after we mop, to get any dust and pet hair that sticks to the wet floors. (If you need some extra help with your floors, we’ve laid out all our methods right here.)

Now, you’re done! Even though it can feel super overwhelming initially, remind yourself that you can take your time and follow these simple steps to condense things. No matter how far you get, something is better than nothing, and by the end of it, you’ll feel a lot better than when you started. Think of how relaxed you will feel in your clean, tidy bedroom!

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