A Mother’s Day She Actually Wants

Flowers and a card, going for a Mother’s Day brunch, or booking a spa day are all great ways to show the moms in our lives we care. But a sure fire win is taking all the chores off of her plate for a day. She shouldn’t have to lift a finger. This is HER day.

Top 6 things to take off Mom’s plate on Mother’s Day:

Important Note: Nothing should be ‘left’ for moms to do the following day.

  1. Clean the house.
    • Make the beds,
    • Tidy the kitchen after every meal,
    • Pick up toys and clutter
    • Vacuum
    • Clean the bathrooms
  2. Cook every meal or eat out. 
  3. Do the laundry. Wash, fold and put away.
  4. Run errands for her. Trust us she has a list
  5. Help the kids with their homework.
  6. Make school lunches. 

Hint: Share this article with your spouse and/or children if this sounds like the ideal Mother’s Day to you. Sometimes they need a little nudge in the right direction. Know a single mom in your life? We challenge you to help her out and spoil her on this day, too. 

We wish you the Happiest Mother’s Day! 

-Denise @GoCleanCo

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