Last-Minute Gift Guide – Kids

Maybe it’s just us, but kids are getting harder and harder to buy for these days. We’ve done some research and put in the leg work to pull together some gift guides to get you started on your Christmas shopping. 

Baby & Toddler:

Whether you are buying for your own baby/toddler or someone else’s, it’s important to look for toys that are high quality and that can grow with a child, at least for a little while. In addition to this list, we love checking Facebook Marketplace for quality used items. We promise you that the baby won’t know the difference. Ask parents of older children: which toys actually lasted, and which did they keep after the toddler grew up?

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  1. Personalized name puzzle (USA) (Canada)
  2. Strider balance bike (USA) (Canada)
  3. Wooden climbing toy (USA) (Canada)
  4. Corn popper (USA) (Canada)
  5. Large play tent  (USA) (Canada)
  6. Dancing cactus (USA) (Canada)
  7. Zippyjams onesie (USA) (Canada)
  8. Zebra walker toy (USA) (Canada)
  9. Lamb rocker (USA) (Canada)
  10. Jolly Jumper with stand (USA) (Canada)


Kids are all about entertainment and play. They generally don’t care about what they look like or wear, they just want to have fun. Whether your kiddo is into cars, Lego, Barbies or electronics, lean into that and try to pick something that will keep their attention for more than 5 minutes (easier said than done).

  1. Meta Quest 3 (USA) (Canada)
  2. Melissa & Doug cleaning set (USA) (Canada)
  3. Dyson vacuum (USA) (Canada)
  4. iPad 10th gen (USA) (Canada)
  5. Nintendo switch (USA) (Canada)
  6. Tie dye kit (USA) (Canada)
  7. Lego “Up” (USA) (Canada)
  8. Kid Kraft barbie mansion (USA) (Canada)
  9. Hand controlled drone (USA) (Canada)
  10. Hot Wheels track (USA) (Canada)

Teen Girl:

We know your girl is all about her glam rn (that means right now in case she hasn’t taught you yet). You will catch her doing full hair and makeup on a lazy Sunday for her TikToks and Facetimes. Zone into what she actually wants and cross her off your list.

  1. Cell phone stand (USA) (Canada)
  2. L’Oreal Paris telescopic mascara (USA) (Canada)
  3. Makeup mirror touch screen (USA) (Canada)
  4. Sol De Janeiro 40 Fragrance (USA) (Canada)
  5. Sports bra yoga tank (USA) (Canada)
  6. Lululemon align leggings (USA) (Canada)
  7. BaByliss Pro curling iron (USA) (Canada)
  8. Eyebrow & eyelash set (USA) (Canada)
  9. Apple AirPods 2nd gen (USA) (Canada)
  10. K18 hair mask (USA) (Canada)
  11. Starbucks gift card (USA) (Canada)
  12. Apple music subscription (USA) (Canada)

Teen Boy: 

Like their coed peers, boys can also be into their looks. He may play it off but trust us, it is important to him. Athleisure wear is at the top of most wish lists. Keep it simple and include some at-home activities. Teens need to tune out a little from life’s stressors sometimes, so embrace it.

  1. Meta Quest 3 (USA) (Canada)
  2. PlayStation gift card (USA) (Canada)
  3. Mini indoor basketball hoop (USA) (Canada)
  4. Method Men body wash (USA) (Canada)
  5. Gatorade water bottle (USA) (Canada)
  6. Callaway golf glove (USA) (Canada)
  7. Nautica Voyage cologne (USA) (Canada)
  8. H&M t-shirt 3 pack (USA) (Canada)
  9. Apple AirPods 2nd gen (USA) (Canada)
  10. Lululemon steady state jogger (USA) (Canada)
  11. Mens full zip hoodie (USA) (Canada)
  12. Monster portable speaker (USA) (Canada)
  13. Apple music subscription (USA) (Canada)

If these lists didn’t help, we’re willing to bet that your kiddo has a wish list going already. Good people to ask are their friends and other parents. Kids always want whatever their friends are getting. 

For a full roundup of our gift guides on Amazon, see here: (USA) (Canada)

– Katie and Becky @ GoCleanCo

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