How to Clean Your House (FAST)

Sometimes surface cleaning will have to do.

Maintaining a clean and organized home can be daunting. Life happens, we get it. Things start falling to the wayside and that’s usually when you get the unexpected call or text that someone will be in town and wants to come for a visit or stay with you.

*You may know that we specialize in DEEP cleans. But sometimes you just need the whole house looking clean and tidy QUICKLY!  So we’re going to let the deep cleaning slide here and focus on surface cleaning.*

If you only have one day to clean your whole house, we got you. In this article, we’ll walk you through cleaning your whole house room by room, ensuring a thorough and efficient job is done in the places that need it most. If you are doing regular deep cleaning it makes the cleans in between so much quicker and easier. 

In order to get the whole house done in a day, it doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s okay to skip a few things. Prioritize what needs the most attention. Chances are your guests aren’t going to be in your laundry room so skip it and get what matters done. Stay calm and stick to the GoCleanCo method of one room at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Before You Begin: Gather Your Supplies

Before diving into the cleaning process, gather all the necessary supplies. Having all your supplies on hand will save you time running around grabbing cleaning solutions or vacuums, etc. This includes:

  • Cleaning solutions, 
  • Microfiber cloths, 
  • Vacuum cleaner, 
  • Mop, 
  • Scrub brushes, 
  • Swiffer®
  • Garbage bags, and 
  • Other essential tools. 

For a guide on products we love, check out our caddy blog here.

Make a batch of our Tide® recipe (1 gallon of hot water and 1 tsp of powdered Tide®). It’s so versatile you can use it (almost) everywhere. Remember to swap this out often for a clean batch. Dirty water isn’t cleaning anything. Only use bleach (⅓ cup) where you know you won’t drip on anything that will stain. 


  1. Clear the clutter: Start by removing any items that don’t belong in the kitchen. Clear off countertops, tables, and other flat surfaces used as a dumping ground. 
  2. Appliances: Wipe down kitchen appliance exteriors including the microwave, toaster, fridge, oven, dishwasher, and coffee maker. Use Windex® or Weiman’s® to polish.
    • TIP:  Clean the interior of the microwave with a mixture of water and vinegar.  
  3. Sink and countertops: Scrub the sink, countertops, and tables with Tide® and water. Pay special attention to stains and stuck-on grime.
  4. Cabinets: Spot-clean any stains and wipe down the exterior of cabinets if time allows. 
  5. Floors: Vacuum the kitchen floor, then mop it with our Tide® and water mixture to make it sparkle. Remember your baseboards.

Living Room:

  1. Declutter and dust: Declutter by organizing items and putting away anything out of place. Dust all surfaces, including shelves, tables, and electronics, with a Swiffer® or vacuum and horse hair brush attachment. 
  2. Furniture: Vacuum couches, chairs and any other furniture. 
  3. Fold and Fluff: Fold or roll your couch blankets (wash if needed). Don’t forget to fluff and stage any decorative pillows.
  4. TV:  Dust with a Swiffer® and polish the screen (use a polish cloth – do not use windex or any cleaner not made specifically for screens). 
  5. Floors: Vacuum carpets, floors, and rugs thoroughly. If you have hardwood or laminate floors, mop them with Tide® and water. Remember your baseboards!


  1. Declutter: Hang up any clean clothes and put any dirty laundry in the hamper. 
  2. Bed: Make your beds.  
  3. Dust: Dust all surfaces including dressers, nightstands, and decorations. Use a vacuum and horsehair brush or a Swiffer®.
  4. Floor: Vacuum carpets and rugs and mop hard floors as needed.


  1. Vacuum: Vacuum everything first. 
  2. Sink and vanity: Clean the sink and vanity with Tide® and water (or Barkeepers Friend® for any stubborn stains). Wipe down mirrors and any glass surfaces with Windex® and a carbon cloth.
  3. Toilet: Scrub the toilet from top to bottom and surrounding areas. Remember to clean the flush handle, walls, and baseboards surrounding it. 
  4. Shower: Clean the shower and/or bathtub, including the tiles and grout. 
  5. Floor: Vacuum and mop the bathroom floor, paying attention to corners, edges, and baseboards. 
  6. Towels: Don’t forget to hang up some clean towels.

Common Areas:

  1. Hallways and entryways: Dust surfaces with a Swiffer® or vacuum and horse hair brush attachment. Vacuum carpets, and mop the floors. 

Final Touches:

  1. Garbages: Empty all garbage cans throughout the house, replace the bags, and take them outside.
  2. Fragrances: Consider using air fresheners or essential oils to add a pleasant fragrance to your freshly cleaned home if the scent of bleach just isn’t enough.

Following this guide, you can quickly and efficiently clean your house in one day. If you just can’t get it all done in one day, keep going when time allows. Close the door to the messy rooms, I assure you your guests’ houses get messy too and they will understand.

Remember: consistency is key, so establish a regular cleaning routine to maintain the cleanliness and organization of your living space. Happy cleaning!

Consider taking some time to declutter (when time allows), so that next time you need to speed clean there’s less stuff in the way. Our FREE declutter BINGO download can help with that!

– Sara B @ GoCleanCo

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