Camping. So Fun, but So Filthy.

Camping is a beloved summer activity for many. The fresh air, the fun, the sun and don’t forget the food and drinks. Whether you have a trailer, cabin or tent; it’s nearly impossible to keep clean while camping. We have a few avid campers of all types on our team, and here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks for keeping clean while you are out in nature. 

Camp cleaning supply basics:

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  1. Baby wipes – not just for babies. You can wipe your hands, feet and dirty faces (USA) (Canada)
  2. Lysol® or Clorox® wipes. (USA) (Canada)
  3. Dawn® Powerwash is perfect for doing dishes with minimal water. (USA) (Canada)
    • If you will be dumping your water back into nature, biodegradable soap (USA) (Canada) is a better option.
  4. Broom and dustpan (USA) (Canada) (of course we’d love to use a vacuum instead but that isn’t always feasible in the great outdoors). 
  5. Fold up laundry rack or rope to use as a clothesline, (USA) (Canada), and clothespins. Get those bathing suits drying as soon as they come off.
  6. Pop-up mesh laundry bag (USA) (Canada).
  7. Toilet paper (you never know how well kept the campground bathrooms are)! (USA) (Canada)
  8. Garbage bags with bag holders (USA) (Canada) or a pop up garbage/recycling bin (USA) (Canada).

Other favorite camping supplies:

  1. Plastic egg carton (USA) (Canada) (no more soggy cardboard or broken eggs in your cooler). Tip: you can also pre-break eggs into a small mason jar and pop it in your cooler.
  2. Reusable containers or ziploc bags for meat and leftover storage. Say goodbye to cross-contamination.
  3. Reusable ice packs.
  4. Cooler – we love wheels for mobility and smooth sides for cleanability. (USA) (Canada)
  5. Biodegradable cutlery, paper plates and reusable paper plate holders (USA) (Canada) for when you don’t have access to running water.
  6. Wipeable tablecloth (USA) (Canada) and weights/clips (USA) (Canada) (because let’s face it, 20 year old picnic tables are gross AF).

While you are camping:

We have some insider tips up our sleeves for keeping messes at bay while you are out in the bush (or at the beach, or in the mountains, etc).

  • Have a rug (USA) (Canada) outside your camper or tent, as well as inside the entrance. This will cut down on tracking in sand, dirt, and debris. 
  • Have a pair of slippers that you leave inside the tent/trailer. Ditch your outside shoes at the door.
  • Sweep out your trailer or tent daily (or vacuum if you have power). 
  • Wipe down eating areas.
  • Shake out your sleeping bags daily as well, especially if you’re near a beach. 
  • When packing your tent up, shake out any leaves or debris and wipe up any dirt or spills with a Lysol® wipe before you start the frustrating process of trying to get it back in the bag. Seriously could they just make the bags a little bigger? Don’t even get us started on sleeping bags.
  • Try to keep your clothes as dry as possible using your laundry line, to prevent mildew from starting.

When you get home, see this article for tips on cleaning up after the fact. 

Although camping is A LOT of work, in our opinion it’s so worth it. Especially if you live somewhere covered in snow half to three quarters of the year. Camping trips are core memories, get out there and enjoy the great outdoors.

We have some quick cleaning tips to help you get your trailer ready to roll this season. Watch it here.

For a list of our favorite products, click here

-Lana and Becky @GoCleanCo

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