6 Things to Clean Before Santa Comes

Hey, little cleaning elves-in-training! It’s the most magical time of the year, and we all know who’s on his way… Santa Claus! We want to make sure our homes are as sparkly and cozy as Santa’s workshop. Santa doesn’t deliver toys to kids with messy rooms. So let’s get cleaning.

1. Tidy up your toy-land:
Santa does not want to step on your Lego! Let’s clean up and make room for what Santa is bringing.  Check for anything broken and either fix or discard them. Donate any toys that you no longer play with.

2. Make your room merry and bright: 
Next stop – your bedroom. It’s time to make your bed with fresh sheets and fluff your pillows. Arrange your stuffed animals for Santa’s welcoming committee!

3. Christmas craft cleanup:
Clean up the glitter and put away the markers left out from writing your notes to the North Pole. Santa loves receiving gift lists almost as much as he loves a clean crafting area.

4. Bathroom magic:
Let’s sprinkle some Holiday magic in the bathroom. Scrub-a-dub-dub, make it sparkle in the tub. Wipe down those toothpaste-y sinks. Take out the garbage and make sure there’s toilet paper!

5. Outside dazzling display:
Although Santa comes down the chimney, he still loves to see Christmas decorations while he’s flying around! Arrange all your decorations so Santa can see them and sweep/shovel the front porch too.

6. Leave a sweet surprise:
Last, but not least, prepare a surprise for Santa! Leave out some milk and cookies and a note to thank him for all the joy he brings. Don’t forget about Rudolph and all the other reindeer; they work hard too! (Pro Tip: they love carrots)

Great job, cleaning helpers! You are ready for Santa. Cleaning up before his arrival makes your home inviting AND will spread joy to your parents by helping them out! Your home will be Santa’s favorite stop on his busy night. 

P.S. Check your House Work kids chore chart for any other chores that can be done, to really make sure you are on the nice list.

– Brinlyn @ GoCleanCo

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