5 Things You Should Clean Every Week

Keeping your home clean and tidy can feel like a daunting task. But I promise that doing little bits here and there will help SO much in the long run. It’s worth noting that these tasks don’t all need to be done at once. Maybe you vacuum on Monday and do bathrooms on Friday. Or you do all your cleaning on Saturday and get it all knocked out in a day… you do what works for you.

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1. Vacuum flooring. 

We vacuum. A lot. The good news is that when you vacuum regularly, less dust and dirt will accumulate on all of the things. So grab your vacuum and clean your floors. While you have it out, get your horse hair brush and suck up any dust on your window sills, tables and any other hard surfaces. This will really help with maintaining the dust level in your home.

2. Quick bathroom wipe down. 

Bathrooms get gross and fast. In our rotation in the House Work Calendar, bathrooms get deep cleaned every 3 weeks. So if it’s one of those weeks, see here for a helping hand. But if it’s not bathroom week, that doesn’t mean you get a free pass. Check your sinks, counters, mirrors and faucets. Wipe up any toothpaste spills or rogue beard hairs, and give the toilet seat a wipe. Our water, bleach and Tide® recipe is perfect for this (1 gallon of hot water, 1 tsp of Tide® and ⅓ cup of bleach). You will thank yourself come bathroom week.

3. Appliance exteriors.


  • Wipe down your appliances with a bit of soapy water on a cloth (we love blue Dawn® for this). Once dry, follow up with some Weiman® Stainless Steel cleaner on stainless steel appliances or Windex® if they are plastic.


  • If you haven’t let things get too crusty and burnt on, Dawn® Powerwash should take care of most of your stovetop spills. If your stovetop is super charred, you may need to bring out the big guns with Easy-Off®. See detailed instructions here.

Pro Tip: Always be careful with Easy-Off®. It will damage your aluminum burners, countertops and flooring. Lay down garbage bags to protect the area and use caution. Watch the over spray, it can remove decaling. 

4. Laundry.

If you have multiple people in your household, you might prefer to do a load of laundry every day. Personally, I’m a once-a-week girl and do all my family’s laundry in one day, and then fold in the evening while I’m binging the Office. You do you. But let’s get a good grip on the basics of doing laundry right here.

5. Change bedding.

Freshen up your bedding by running all your sheets and pillowcases through the wash, and make your beds. Nothing beats that hotel feeling of clean, crisp bedding.

Keeping up with these 5 things can help prevent your house from spiralling out of control. Remember, surface cleaning weekly is easier than deep cleaning monthly. You can do this!

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-Becky @GoCleanCo

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