5 Things You Should Clean Every 6 Months

We handpicked 5 things that you should clean twice a year, unless of course they get out of control and you need to clean them sooner. But under normal conditions, most of these tasks can be done bi-yearly.

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1. The oven.

It’s time to heat things up and give that oven some love and attention. Admittedly this is not a fun chore, but it needs to be done, and it’s easy if you don’t let it get too dirty. Full instructions can be found here, and we have this helpful video for cleaning those pesky streaks between the oven glass panes.

Pro Tip: If you are a messy chef, it’s easier to take care of oven spills as they happen (after the oven is cool, of course) rather than letting them get more and more baked on with each use.

2. Outdoor garbage/compost bins.

Let’s get those bins sanitized and odor free by cleaning and disinfecting them. Empty the bins and spray down with a hose as best you can (If you have a power washer, now’s the time to use it). Then wash thoroughly with hot water and bleach. Don’t forget to wear gloves and be careful of splashback with bleach. You will want to wear old clothes for this job.

3. Windows – Outside.

We are pane-fully aware that outdoor windows can be quite the job to clean. Especially if you have high windows or glass deck rails. Pick a beautiful day so you can enjoy being outdoors. This article will help you out.

4. Blinds and curtains.

A clean set of blinds and curtains helps to keep your space stylish and comfortable. Take those curtains down and throw them in the wash (check for any care instructions before you do). Blinds take more effort to clean, but it’s so worth it. We cover all the basics of cleaning your curtains and many types of blinds here

5. Rugs.

If you’ve followed us for any length of time you know we love Ruggable® rugs. You can toss them right in your washing machine to get them looking and smelling fresh and new again. For other rugs, check the tags first. Vacuum thoroughly, and then spot treat for stains (see Protein stains and Food stains). If you can, use a carpet cleaner to clean the whole rug, or take it outside and hose it down, then hang it to dry.

Pull out your House Work calendar and pencil these tasks in every 6 months as reminders. Your home will look and smell so much better each and every time you do them.

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– Becky / Denise @GoCleanCo

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