3 Top Choices for Easy-To-Clean Paint Finishes

In the realm of home renovating, one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to make the biggest impact, is painting. Whether you’re building or renovating, it’s important to consider what type of interior paint is best for the room and how easy it will be to clean. Some paints are just better than others for wipeability. Our Home Renovation Guide covers all your paint options (plus so much more!) but here is the low down of our top 3 choices.

1. Eggshell

Have kids or animals in your home? Then I’m sure you know how nasty walls can get from hand prints or dog slobber. Having washable paint is a saving grace in these instances so you don’t need to repaint walls to get rid of stains. Eggshell is our top choice for walls. It is mostly matte but is still wipeable, making it a great design choice and is forgiving when it comes to cleaning.

2. Satin

Compared to eggshell, satin has a smooth, velvety appearance. It’s great for baseboards, trim, cabinets, as well as any areas that might require more wiping like bathroom walls. Satin finishes can withstand light scrubbing and are resistant to stains. Everything you want for your high touch surfaces, especially if you have a busy home.

3. Semi-Gloss 

The gloss in paint really helps to act as a barrier to prevent stains from setting in. The downside to glossy paint is the shine itself as it does not hide the wall imperfections and is very reflective in the light. It is another good option for doors or trim, where they take more of a beating and require more cleaning. 

Wall Cleaning:

To clean your walls, grab a few microfiber cloths, whip up 1 gallon of hot water and a tsp of powdered Tide® and start wiping. Bleach can be added for disinfecting, but we opt not to use it around carpet because of the risk of drip stains. For more detailed instructions, see this article.

Let’s show those smudges and scuffs who’s boss. Easy to clean paint is affordable and you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction after wiping away the stains and leaving your walls looking vibrant and fresh. Choosing the right paint will save you time and money in the long run, while making your home look stunning. 

– Denise @GoCleanCo

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